Our Ministries

School of Discipleship 

Lydia Project has partnered with the School of Discipleship, providing funding for pastoral training. Created by a group of pastors who looked across Cambodia and realized there was a desperate need, SOD as it is known, currently has over 80 pastors in training in five locations across Cambodia in its 2-year program.

When training is complete, SOD graduates go village to village to share the message of the Gospel.

The School of Discipleship hopes to help in reaching the goal of communities of faith in all 10,000 villages of Cambodia that do not have a presence of believers today. To date, over 250 new groups are meeting regularly, started by SOD graduates.

Pastors and Churches

With over 40 churches and cell groups planted by a network of over 20 Pastors supported by Lydia Project in over 40 villages which include 6 completed building projects, we are part of bringing a message of hope into places that have before not had a Christian presence. 
By providing a place of gathering, worship, study and support, new believers are able to develop in their faith. The churches then reach out to the children, the widows and those that need assistance in the area and provide comfort and as possible, support.

University House

University House, founded in 2010 by the Lydia Project, provides housing, food, tuition assistance and a caring couple who serve as house parents for nearly two dozen students in residence.
U House is home to students who have lived in the Lydia Project’s Sunrise House children’s home, plus many recommended by pastors of our cell churches who would otherwise not be able to afford college.

These students perform at the top levels in their classroom work, while helping in the community and in ministry. Our University House graduates, who now number over 75 are finding careers in business, government, non-profits, and ministry, with many returning to their villages to create lasting change.

Sunrise House

Sunrise House, a Lydia Project home for children provides 100% of the support for nearly 40 children, ages 4-19, including food, clothing, medical care, education, housing, and all other needs as they arise. Since 2009, wonderful partners have helped by providing support to care for over 150 of these amazing kids.

Sunrise House receives no other support from any other organization, and the generous help of individuals like you make continues to make the difference.

More than just a children’s home, Sunrise House is a loving and caring family environment where children can grow, thrive and understand that they are known and loved by God.

Ministry to Widows

It is easy in the Cambodian culture for widows to be overlooked, forgotten, cast out and abused. Without help, many of these women—both young and old—would have no place to turn for basic needs.

Because of the generosity of our partners, over 100 widows (plus disabled individuals and extremely poor families) receive enough rice to sustain them each month along with cooking oils and spices. In most cases we are their sole source of food, as there is no social safety net for these women.

Our churches, pastors and leaders provide more than food…they bring love, encouragement, joy and support in every way possible.

Melody House

Melody House, the Lydia Project’s new home for Widows, was dedicated and opened in late 2020, providing a home for up to 20 women. Thanks to the deep generosity of many of you our partners and friends, the lives of these women, recommended for residence by our pastors, will never be the same. Nutritional food, medical care, fellowship, friendship, beautiful rooms, new beds, air conditioning and most of all a family to love and care for them. In a country where women without a family to care for them are typically cast aside, the Melody House is a place of refuge

Jesus School

In Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capitol city, on one of the city’s largest dump sites, there is a small village of tin and wood shacks. This village is home to over 200 elementary age children. The children work alongside their parents, beginning at age 3 or 4, scavenging the dump for plastic, cardboard, and tin to sell for recycling money.

Broken hearted by what they saw… the children… laboring, dirty, hungry, and with no opportunity to attend school or have security of meals or clean water, a couple who today serve as Lydia Project in country leaders, worked to construct a school building and small compound beside the village. They acquired certification and accreditation from the government and began a public school. Today this Elementary School is a bright spot in a very dark and depressing village, there is hope, there is encouragement and the sharing of the love of God… and there is the promise of future that education provides.

At the end of 2020, due to loss of funding resulting from the pandemic, Jesus School faced closure. Lydia Project, thanks to generous partners has stepped in and now provides the monthly support necessary to continue this amazing ministry.

Grace Fields

In a rural countryside over two hours from Phnom Penh, at this writing, nine young girls are being given the opportunity to find redemption and freedom. Freedom from horrible abuse and enslavement. The Lydia Project provides the resources for this new project, Grace Fields. Grace Fields is a licensed rescue, safety and recovery home for girls who have been rescued from the trafficking trade. Our new campus is designed to care for up to 40 girls in six individual residential homes, and includes a building for meals and gatherings, a counseling building and other buildings for staff and training.

With the help of our key leaders as well as trained counselors and professionals in this field of rehabilitation, a team has been assembled to care for these precious young people.